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BECA | CHSCA Community Yard Sale

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1. You MUST live in the catchment area Bradley Estates Community Association or Chapel Hill South Community Association: Bradley Estates/Ridge, Spring Valley Trails, Eastboro, Trailsedge/Enclave, Chapel Hill South. 


2. You are liable for all activities or circumstances that arise as a result of the yard sale or items sold. The Community Association is not liable for any activities or circumstances that arise as a result of the yard sales or items sold. The sale must be on private property. The Community Association will be responsible for advertising only.


3. The burden is on the seller to ensure that anything that is sold or on sale meets current Canadian Safety Standards and is legal to sell.  This includes ensuring that  items for sale or sold have not been recalled or are banned for sale in Canada. If you sell items that have been recalled or do not meet current safety standards you could be liable as a vendor should the item cause harm to the buyer. You can check your items by searching the product recall listing published by Health Canada.

Items that have been banned for sale in Canada since you purchased them may include the following (see here for full list):

  • Baby walkers

  • Self-feeding devices for infants

  • Lawn darts with sharp tips

  • Plastic baby bottles containing BPA (bisphenol A)

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