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Richraft's Trailsedge development at Brian Coburn Boulevard/Fern Casey Street


SUBJECT SITE: 6429 Renaud Road, situated on the southeast corner of Brian Coburn Boulevard and Fern Casey Street within the East Urban Community. The lands are directly opposite the developing Trailsedge – East subdivision by Richcraft Homes. Please refer to the Location Map.

The proposal is to develop the subject 2.6-ha. (6.4 ac.) vacant site with a mix of 186 rental back-to-back and stacked townhomes in the form of a planned unit development consisting of private roads, a surface parking area internal to the site, an enclosed garbage pavilion and an outdoor amenity area. The site is within the limits of the soon-to-be-approved East Urban Community Phase 3 Community Design Plan (CDP) and is in proximity to the future planned bus rapid transit station north of Brian Coburn Boulevard. See the attached site plan and renderings to understand the proposal.

ZONING BY-LAW AMENDMENT PROPOSAL: The vast majority of the subject site is currently zoned “Development Reserve”, which essentially prohibits any development in this case. The applicant proposes to rezone the subject site to “Residential Fourth Density, Subzone F” (R4F), consistent with the Community Design Plan direction, with a site-specific exception to a few standard provisions.

SITE PLAN CONTROL PROPOSAL: The proposed development consists of multiple ground-oriented residential dwelling blocks comprising 96, 2.5-storey stacked townhouses and 90, three-storey back-to-back townhouses. All dwelling units along the perimeter of the site face the abutting public roads. An internal private road, accessible from all abutting public streets except Brian Coburn Boulevard, provides access to on-site parking spaces for the stacked townhouses; each back-to-back townhouse has its own garage and driveway. A sizable central outdoor community amenity area is proposed. An accessory pavilion encloses the garbage room for the residents of the stacked townhouses, and it also provides storage space for bicycles and Canada Post community mailboxes.



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