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Fountainhead basketball backboard

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Emails and correspondence below.

The community association does not support the removal of the basketball net at Fountainhead Park without an immediate alternative, and requested of Councillor Dudas at our AGM on May 14 that the backboard be reinstalled before the long weekend. The city councillor informed us that city staff was busy with flood efforts and were likely unable to reinstall the backboard any time soon. (Update: the backboard was replaced this afternoon - May 15)

We are sympathetic to our neighbours' concerns and strongly agree that they should not have to tolerate loud music or noise in the park after hours. These concerns about noise and garbage should have been addressed by Ottawa Bylaw Services and any alleged acts of aggression or vandalism should be reported to Ottawa Police Services, with follow up by our councillor.

The homeowners who submitted the noise and garbage complaints were informed by the City Councillor after the Easter long weekend that the net would be removed, despite their own concerns that an alternate plan was not in place, and insist they did not request the removal of the basketball backboard. The community association and our residents were not informed until we investigated the disappearance weeks later.

Park history:

Built in 2014 after thorough community consultation in which we requested a splash pad and basketball key. Challenging park to build as it was on a graded lot. The basketball key was installed in the only viable location.

The surrounding homes were built approximately two years later. The existing homes were built about 7 years prior.

A new park is planned on Spring Valley Drive approximately 3 blocks down the road, to be completed possibly this fall, but probably next spring.





Update from Councillor Dudas' office, May 16:

Good afternoon BECA executive,

The Councillor wanted to provide you with an update regarding the basketball facilities at Fountainhead Park.

City staff have advised that although the original backboard was replaced as an interim measure to allow park users to access it over the long weekend, the updated backboard, including information about the park hours, and signage about the code of conduct for the park, will be installed in the coming days. The template for the signage and the backboard will be based on best practices used in other parks experiencing similar issues around the city.

The Councillor's office has asked that there is no time delay while the backboards are being switched.

City staff are still working on options for a permanent solution. As soon as they have them ready, we will contact you with information about public consultation opportunities that will engage both park users and adjacent homeowners.

In the meantime, please continue to encourage residents to report any issues at the court directly to by-law (3-1-1) or police (613-236-1222).


ATIP by a resident in the neighbourhood for all emails from to/from Councillor's Office on Fountainhead Basketball Net removal, shared with BECA

Councillor's Request to Dan Chenier, General Manager of Parks and Recreation

Dan Chenier, General Manager of Parks and Recreation, Response

Councillor Dudas' response to Mr Chenier

Mr Chenier response to Councillor Dudas' orders



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