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Ecology Ottawa Tree Giveaway (POSTPONED/CANCELLED)

From Ecology Ottawa (16 June) Bradley Estates Community Association,

Thank you so much for joining us in this year's tree giveaway. The tree giveaway is one of our flagship programs and its success relies on your support and partnership. This year has been a difficult one, but one of the odd consequences is an explosion in the interest in, and passion for gardening and landscaping. Throughout the pandemic, garden centres and nurseries have struggled to meet the demand, and our tree program has similarly suffered.

It is with heavy hearts that we reach out to you today to notify you that tree shortages, combined with unprecedented demand, have forced us to reschedule a number of our events.

We must reschedule your event on June 19th at Patrick Dugas Park.

Unfortunately, we cannot yet guarantee the new date, as we require assurance of sufficient supplies from our tree provider before moving forward. However we are hoping to have more information on Monday, we hope to be in touch early next week.

This spring and summer, Ecology Ottawa is embarking on our largest tree giveaway in Ottawa’s history! Help us re-plant Ottawa’s urban forest by picking up one of 15,000 seedlings that are looking for new homes on your private property.

Join BECA and Ecology Ottawa this Saturday June 19th, at the Patrick Dugas Park, 550 Compass Street, from 10 AM until 2 PM.

We'll be under the BECA tent, rain or shine!

NOTE: In order to avoid gatherings, Ecology Ottawa asks that you fill out this mandatory pre-participation survey that you must complete in order to opt-in to Ecology Ottawa's Tree Program and be eligible to receive one or more tree seedling(s).

For the 2021 Tree Species List, click here:



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