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From City Planning, Infrastructure and Economic Development department: Good afternoon Community Organization Representatives,

This is to notify you that City staff are now in receipt of a “complete” application to seek an Amendment to Zoning By-law 2008-250 (File No. D02-02-21-0018) as it pertains to a property within the Trailsedge neighbourhood of Ward 2. The particulars of the application are outlined below. You should expect to receive a formal request from City staff for your comments concerning the application within the next week or so.

SUBJECT SITE: 506 Compass street & 6321 Renaud Road, situated on the northeast corner of Compass Street and Renaud Road within the East Urban Community. The lands are diagonally across the intersection of the two streets from École élémentaire catholiques Notre-Dame-des-Champs. Please refer to the attached Location Map.

APPLICANT: Mr. Barrett Wagar of Stantec

CURRENT OWNER: Torrente Homes & Development Inc.

THE PROPOSAL: The proposal is to rezone the subject 0.24-ha. (0.60ac.) site to allow the future development of four single detached dwellings fronting along Enclave Walk and one townhouse block consisting of six dwellings fronting along Renaud Road. The site is within the limits of the East Urban Community Phase 1 Community Design Plan (CDP) and is surrounded by the neighbourhood of Trailsedge by Richcraft Homes and Minto Communities along the north side of Renaud Road. See the attached conceptual site plan to understand the proposal.

ZONING BY-LAW AMENDMENT PROPOSAL: The northern part of the subject site abutting Enclave Walk is currently zoned “Residential First Density, Subzone Z” (R1Z), which effectively permits only single detached dwellings, while the remaining majority of the site is zoned “Development Reserve” (DR), which essentially permits only those uses currently existing on the lot. In this case, there is an existing single detached dwelling fronting Renaud Road. The applicant proposes to rezone the balance of the north half of the subject site from DR to R1Z to allow the creation of sufficiently deep single detached lots fronting Enclave Walk, and to rezone the southern half of the site from DR to “Residential Third Density, Subzone Z” (R3Z) to permit in the future townhouse dwellings fronting along Renaud Road. The existing dwelling would be demolished.



Commenting has been turned off.
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