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Updated: Nov 6

The development application has not been submitted. There is nothing available online at this time. As soon as this information is available, we will share. Discussions for residents of our catchment area are on Facebook Group.

23 October Update

Caivan's Director of Land Development contacted BECA about a proposal at 6101 Renaud, 2980, 3054 & 3080 Navan Road.

All the activity on this site is related to development. In summary:

  • Caivan expects to close on an agreement of purchase before May 2021.

  • 4 parcels: 6101 Renaud Road (includes a home fronting on Renaud Road, but is not part of the deal - would remain as a house), 2980 Navan Rd, and two small lots 3054/3080 Navan.

  • The development application has NOT yet been submitted, there is nothing publicly available at this time.

Proposed development

They are proposing approximately 300-320 units:

  • Approximately 170-180 townhomes (with a small mix of singles) (R3yy zoning)

  • A condo development at the corner of Page/Navan, 4-6 stories with approx 100-150 units (R4 zoning; green area on map)

  • No park planned (it's not in Community Design Plan and city doesn't want to deviate from Plan)

  • Planned pathway connection from Percifor (tying into existing)

Access to development would be the section of land on Renaud around where Ziegler is dead-ended, and at 3054 Navan Road.

  • 6-meter setback from the Percifor homes; because of grading, the new homes would be higher, have basement walk-outs, and a retaining wall would be required.

  • Caivan's lots are wider but shallower than the rest of the industry.

  • Application NOT formally submitted, nothing is official yet, but they have been holding pre-consultations with the City since June. They are waiting for feedback from the Councillor and then will formally submit an application.

Current activities on parcels of land

From now until end of year:

  • Soil remediation (removing approx 90,000 m3 of inadequate fill),

  • Removing old vehicles, etc.

  • Removing construction equipment.

  • Existing garage to be demolished later this year.

  • Two homes on Navan Rd to be demolished eventually (next year).

  • Bound by Site Alteration Bylaw

  • Existing ditch on property for drainage, catch basin at the end of Ziegler to be maintained (on property in question)

  • Access/egress for construction will be on Navan Road where current commercial site access, and part of 3080 Navan Rd

  • They intend to drop off flyers at homes on Percifor/Navan/Renaud backing onto site, with contact information if there's an issue with construction.

  • To remove all excess soil and material, some trees must be removed. They've been issued a permit by the city on the basis that remediation of the site must occur. Tree cutting may happen in the next week

26 October Update

Caivan informed us that the tree cutting permit for the site at 6101 Renaud, 2980, 3054 & 3080 Navan Road was obtained this morning. They have also delivered (or will be imminently) the flyer below to the homes abutting the site. If you experience any issues or have concerns with the works occurring on the site, please contact Julio DaSilva (

Update 6 November

The planning applications for subdivision and zoning are expected to be submitted within the next few weeks. Subsequent to municipal approval, they hope to be servicing the site in mid to late 2021 with home construction starting in late 2021. They anticipate general build out of the community in 2024.


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