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Thrilled to partner with our friends in Chapel Hill South and Chapel Hill North for this fun, safe, virtual winter activity!

FIRST ANNUAL SNOW SCULPTURE CONTEST: We're all stretching our creativity these days - so why not use it to help bring our community together and liven up our neighbourhood walks!

The Bradley Estates Community Association, the Chapel Hill South Community Association and the Chapel Hill North Community Association invite you to participate in the first annual Snow Sculpture Contest! Which neighbourhood will come up with the best one?

HOW TO ENTER: 1. Wait for some snow... then build your snow sculpture (please respect current COVID restrictions and build only with members of your own household; and please supervise kids around forts/tunnels).

2. Take a picture (NOTE: the year "2021" must be visible somewhere in the photo). Please respect your neighbours' privacy and do not include (or blur) personal property/vehicles in the background.

3. Submit your photo either a) in the Discussion on this Facebook Event page, or b) email your local Community Association to post on your behalf. *Indicate which neighbourhood you're in.

4. Like/react to vote for your favourite photo. Encourage your family & friends to vote too! Vote for as many sculptures as you want. The one with the most likes/reactions = wins! Bonus points for the neighbourhood with the highest rate of participation.

5. By submitting your photo (on FB or email), you agree to give BECA, CHSCA, and CHNCA permission to use the photo, either on social media or via email.

6. One entry per person. Contest closes on Jan 30 2021. Winners and prizes will be announced on the Event page.

Good luck and LET IT SNOW!!

Be sure to RSVP (Interested/Going) to help us spread the news.



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