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Bradley Rink Rink Point of Contact STILL Needed!

(Originally posted 26 September 2018) In order to open our community rinks this winter we need VOLUNTEERS. The Patrick Dugas rink is fully covered, thanks to a resident volunteer of Trailsedge.

However, Bradley Ridge rink requires a rink sponsor (point of contact), who would be responsible for the following (with support from BECA):

  • Establish and maintain communication with the City Program coordinator throughout the season;

  • Establish  communication with City Councillor’s office to secure a proper heated trailer for rink patrons (You as President also played a role last year);

  • Monitor City Program coordinator plan to have trailer delivered, electrical connections done, boards installed with door to the north like last year due to location of trailer;

  • Establish communication with city contractor selected as ice maker. Close coordination with the city selected ice maker is critical;

  • Establish communication with volunteer snow removal company to have rink cleared after major snowfall. This will require multiple communications and request for favours to have it done for free (great collaboration from Joel last year).

  • Coordinate necessary repairs to the rink snowblower as required (Joel gave us a used one last year with intent to keep it working and fix as necessary)

  • Once trailer is delivered and rink open, coordinate the necessary rink opening hours and supervisor schedule as well as payments to the supervisors.

  • Coordinate and manage the various grants for supervision financing with city program coordinator;

  • Ensure proper attendance tracking by rink supervisors in accordance with city rules and regulations

  • Assist in coordinating request for volunteers to clear rink as necessary;

  • Ensure First Aid kits and Rink Binders are monitored by rink supervisors;

  • Produce and file season report to city program coordinator;

Please get in touch with us if you are interested! The last couple of years we had the amazing Denis Rouleau as our point of contact, but he has decided to step down. We truly hope that parents in the neighbourhood step up and take over this role, otherwise we cannot open the rink!



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