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BECA municipal all-candidates meeting

Bradley Estates Community Association looks forward to welcoming Bradley Estates and Trailsedge residents to an all-candidates forum where our 4 Innes Ward candidates will discuss topics pertinent to our community.

Join us on Monday September 24th, from 7 PM to 9 PM, at le RAFO, 3349 Navan Rd, Orléans, ON K1W 0K7

PLEASE SEND US the concerns you would like to see addressed to Due to time constraints and the inability to ensure questions are coming from our residents, no questions will be accepted from the floor during the question period.

After the question period, you'll have the opportunity to meet the candidates at their tables to chat with them and ask questions that might not have been addressed.

Get to know our four fantastic candidates, in reverse-alphabetical order (for a change):



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