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BECA Giving Back

Our annual Family Fun Day is BECA's way of giving back to the community.

This year we will be raising funds to donate to the Petrie Summer Smash, an organization that has partnered with the Miracle League of Ottawa to develop Orléans by making Petrie Island’s beach and facilities accessible to all; where those dealing with mobility issues will be able to easily and safely access Petrie Island and where children with disabilities could potentially have a specially designed play area, making it possible for them to interact with able bodied children as equals.

Please donate generously to this amazing cause. Tax receipts issued for donations of $20 and up. Cheques made payable to The Miracle League of Ottawa.


(A bit of math... 300 people usually attend this FREE BBQ put on for you by your BECA volunteers... that's about 75-100 families... if each family donated $20... we could reach a BECA donation of $2000!)



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