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Asphalt and speed humps on Renaud Rd (Navan to Compass):

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

Minto has indicated that upon further review of the existing sewers on Renaud Road from Navan to Compass that the installation of the top lift asphalt should be postponed until a proper repair can be completed and the settlement of that trench repair occurs. Typically, they would complete the repair this year and allow a full winter/spring settlement period.

This original plan was to complete the top lift asphalt this year, from Navan to Compass in the next week just in time for the school year, and then implement the permanent traffic calming measures (speed humps) at that time. However, due to the reivew of the sewers and the required work and the resulting delay of top lift asphalt, Innes Ward office has requested that temporary measures be put in place before the school year begins.

Tomlinson, who is to lay the asphalt, has been requested to delay the paving works until further information is available for the sewers. The work will most likely happen in the Spring of 2019.

Minto has indicated that they are eager to have the final lift installed first thing next year (weather permitting and when the asphalt plants open up). City of Ottawa staff and our Innes Ward Office are working as quickly as possible to provide residents with a full explanation of the scope of work and rationale as to why this must be completed now. Minto is aware that students will return to school on August 28th, it has been made clear to them that the temporary traffic calming measures are required by that time. The temporary measures will include centre line flex stakes, additional pavement markings and bike lane posts.



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