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2018 - 2019 Rink Season Comes to End

The 2018-2019 rink season has come to an end and we'd like to send out our heartfelt appreciation to some very important people. Chris, Yves, it's been a long time since our community has seen such dedicated, passionate rink operators who care so much not only about the quality of the ice, but that the community (especially the kids) get as much time on the ice as possible. Thank you, Lorne, Dominique and Misha for all of your help. We know this took a toll on you all physically, and you spent many, many hours away from your families, late, cold nights flooding the rinks! THANK YOU and PLEASE come back next year. Please. Please. (Please.) (No pressure.)

Joel Goyette, Snow Care Works saved us again this year. Thank you for donating your time to clear the heavy snowfalls, for donating the snowblower last season, and for all of your support and advice. Your operators were meticulous and dedicated! Thank you!

Philippe Charbonneau from Supreme Seal Roofing, your Zamboni to the rescue! Our season almost ended early due to the damage that some people intentionally caused at the Bradley Ridge rink. Thank you for bailing us out, and for all the advice you have given to our operators after years of experience as our operator at Bradley Ridge.

To our trailer supervisors, you were professional and eager, helpful and enthusiastic! We hope this was a good experience to help you in your future endeavours!

Thank you to all the community members who came out to help when they needed you!

Last but not least, to all of our sponsors and community members who donated, THANK YOU! We are grateful, and we KNOW the community is grateful for the heated trailers! Without you, ... we'd be sitting in the snow putting on our skates!

We look forward to next year, and hope to have many more volunteers come out to help! Without volunteers, we would not have community rinks!



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