BECA Orleans represents a growing development in the south west of Orleans, which includes the East Urban Community neighbourhoods of Bradley Estates, Bradley Ridge, Spring Valley Trails, Trailsedge (phases 1,2,3), and Eastboro.

Homeowners of these areas are considered a part of BECA, from the greenbelt to Mer Bleue Road all along Renaud Road and Brian Coburn, as the community continues to grow.



The Bradley Estates Community Association, or BECA,  is a volunteer, not-for-profit corporation that was formed in 2008 to represent the interests of homeowners in the developing East Urban Community, along the north and south sides of Renaud Road, on the east and west sides of Navan Road from Joshua Street to Mer Bleue Road.​

BECA liases with our City Councillor's office with regards to matters that concern our neighbourhood, such as traffic calming, development issues, services, and community initiatives.

We review subdivision proposals, park designs,  and other development proposals that impact our neighbourhood, keeping all of our neighbours informed.




BECA organizes events throughout the year to bring our residents together, such as Hockey Day in Canada at the Bradley Ridge Rink, spring cleaning the neighbourhoods, street garage sales, and a summer BBQ to close the summer season at one of our parks!

BECA coordinates the operation of our two neighbourhood rinks. We seek out volunteers to operate and maintain the rinks, coordinate the supervision of rink trailer supervisors, and when necessary, look for sponsors to help fund certain amenities. For example, the 2017 - 2018 season rink trailers were thanks to a one-time contribution from Pheonix Homes and Minto Homes, because our rink are not yet eligible to receive funding from the City of Ottawa to rent and operate trailers. However, in 2018 - 2019, BECA ran a fundraising campaign to raise the costs to cover the operation and rental of two heated rink trailers. Thanks to our many sponsors and generous neighbours who contributed, we were able to rent a heated trailer for each rink!

BECA  regularly applies for grants from the City of Ottawa and from the Friends of Mer Bleue for projects that enhance our neighbourhoods. In 2014, BECA applied for and received a grant from the Friends of Mer Bleue that was used to shade our parks with a gazebo (Fountainhead Park) and several picnic tables and benches throughout the community. BECA was approved in June 2015 for a grant for a second gazebo at the Bradley Ridge park from the City of Ottawa and The Friends of Mer Bleue! We finally enjoyed some shade as of the summer of 2016!

In 2017, we applied for a grant to add bulletin boards to our parks so that we could share annoucements with our neighbours, such as events, important meetings, and community consultations.

BECA also works closely with the councillor's office and park planners to ensure our upcoming parks have all the amenities and features that all the best parks in the cities have.

BECA worked with former ward councillor Rainer Bloess and city engineers to determine the best traffic measures at the Anderson and Renaud intersection.

BECA has worked to implement several road safety measures throughout our community, such as:


  • Digital pedestrian crossing at the Notre Dame des Champs Elementary School

  • Digital radar speed boards

  • Additional Children At Play signs

  • Additional Speed Limit signs

  • Painted medians for traffic calming on Renaud Rd

  • Exponential lines for traffic calming on Renaud Rd

  • School Zone speed limit signs on Renaud Rd for Ecole Notre Dame des Champs

  • Safer Roads Program - Slow Down For Us

  • Painted bike lanes on Renaud Road

  • May to October Flex-signs on Renaud and Joshua for traffic calming

  • Continuous push for hard traffic calming measures 


BECA worked to have additional safety measures installed at the 90 degree curves on Renaud Rd, such as exponential lines, additional chevron signs, flashing lights, and high friction asphalt.


BECA worked to have temporary sidewalks installed along Renaud Road from Navan Road to the new school, Notre Dame des Champs, and along Renaud Road from Saddleridge to Navan Road, before the road was completed.

Thanks to the support of our councillor's staff, BECA met our 2016 objective to make Renaud Road safer for kids walking to and from our two neighbourhood schools,  and a pedestrian crossing was installed at the Notre Dame des Champs Elementary School.



The east urban community design plan calls for a low-density residential development on the forested land at 2983 Navan Rd. Taggart Realty Management wants the city to reclassify the land as commercial to allow a retail centre, which would have a grocery store, two restaurants, a drive-thru restaurant, a gas station with car wash and other stores.


The annual theme of roads again dominated the Bradley Estates Community Association annual general meeting on April 27.
The topic of busy roads, bad drivers and crumbling road shoulders have dominated previous annual general meetings. The topic sometimes takes over public meetings for future developments as well.


The city's planned corridor for the Blackburn Hamlet Bypass extension to Navan Road. The city will have to rethink the route because soil conditions will increase the price by $70 million.


As Crime Prevention Week kicked off in the city, community members and organizations who have done their part to keep the city safe were recognized at city hall. 

Bradley Estate’s Denis Rouleau was named a finalist for his involvement in launching a Neighbourhood Watch in the Orléans community. Const. Vince Grant was awarded for his work as a school resource officer at Sir Guy Carleton Secondary School in the Centrepointe area. The English public board’s Rainbow Spring Fling also received recognition, with the award accepted by Rideau High School guidance counsellor Tina Ash.